Story documentation form – TC Daily Planet

Copy this form, complete it, and email to the editor.  

Sometimes the editor may use this information for fact-checking, or checking on spelling, contact or address information. Stakeholders, sources and subjects will get an email from the editor that lets them know the article has been published. Contact information may also be entered into the general TCDP database.

Title of Article:


Author email:

Author phone:


Stakeholders are people who have a stake or interest in this story. We need a list of AT LEAST THREE stakeholder email addresses – and the more, the better! Send an email to the stakeholders telling them that you are working on the story and ask them whether they have any information to contribute.

Stakeholders- name and email address






Individual sources: For each person from whom you get information, whether by an interview or by phone or email, list the name of the individual, organization and title, contact information for individual (email and telephone), URL for organization.

Interviews: If you interview someone, note the date of the interview and whether the interview was by phone or in person.

URLs used in research (list)


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