20/20 for community journalists

Looking for a quick intro to some journalism basics? Each of these 20 mini-lessons will take no more than 20 minutes.

  1. In focus: What is the story?
  2. Beginning, middle, end: Organizing the story
  3. Keep it moving: Active writing
  4. Best phrase forward: Digging out the buried lead
  5. Fact checking: names, numbers, and more
  6. Attention-grabbing headlines
  7. Quotations and paraphrases
  8. “Show me your story”: relations with sources
  9. Getting the facts, getting the quotes: Interview skills
  10. Both sides now: When and how to call “the other side”
  11. Putting yourself in the story—or not: What voice is appropriate and when?
  12. He said/she said: Taking sides on truth
  13. Where you are coming from: Transparency and conflict of interest
  14. Adding value: Links and sidebars
  15. Worth a thousand words: good photo, bad photo, framing, etiquette, permissions
  16. Don’t use my name: Anonymous sources
  17. Beyond the story: Interactivity for readers
  18. Tell your mother: Publicizing the story to sources, subjects, friends and fans
  19. After words: Responding to complaints, comments
  20. IMHO: op/eds, voices, comments, letters to the editor, blogs

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